Imperial Officer's Sword
James t robb dagger paint a 007

Side View

James t robb dagger paint b 010

Additional views

James t robb dagger combo 002

Detail close ups

James t robb daggersketches2

Initial sketches

Imperial Officer's Sword

This sword would be used by a higher ranking officer that issues orders from the back line. As such, I wanted the sword to have a regal and intricate design that would flaunt their wealth and power. This being opposed to a more utilitarian and simpler one that front line troops would most likely have. In addition, I wanted the sword to have an octopus and nautical inspired design language, as I felt like that would lend itself well to the overall vision. This was initially modeled in ZBrush and Blender, Rendered in Keyshot, and painted up in Photoshop.

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