The Veiled Forest
James t robb jamesrobb forestconcept1

One of the concepts for the Veiled Forest, this one is emphasizing a desolate and snow-covered setting.

James t robb compstemple3

Basic sketch for the environment concept.

James t robb illus15

Mana, one of the main antagonists in the story, portrayed in a more developed illustration where the goal was to portray more of the mood and personality associated with the character. The possession mask idea was already at play here.

James t robb layoutmana

Mana development sketches

James t robb kitsunelayout1

Guardian statue that resides by the entrance of the heart of the forest. It watches everyone who enters carefully, gazing into their soul to deem if they are worthy.

James t robb sketching10

Development Sketches for the heart of the forest, gate, and guardian statue.

James t robb greenhornlayout

Finding the look of the protagonist, a greenhorn exorcist in a bigger organization, through exploratory silhouettes and sketches.

James t robb layoutdjinn

Finding the look of the Greenhorn's Djinn, a spiritual force that can be manifested in the physical world through the summoning vessel's power.

James t robb layoutwarden2red2

Final design and orthographic turnaround for the Forest Warden. I wanted it to match and stylistically resemble the snow-covered, desolate look of the forest itself, as they both originate from the same source of power.

James t robb layoutowlgod1

Finding the look of the Forest Warden, a mysterious and powerful being that roams the Veiled Forest.

James t robb layoutmask

Concept of the Mask of Possession. Built in Zbrush, retouched in Photoshop. The goal was to portray an otherworldly, almost animalistic look to the mask. It can be used by those who can wield its power to control others... at a cost.

James t robb layoutsword

The sword that the Greenhorn's Djinn uses to overcome his foes. It is imbued with the same magic that the summoning vessel draws its energy from.

James t robb layoutsummoningvessel

Our protagonist uses this vessel to summon his trusty Djinn, who aids him in combat.

The Veiled Forest

A personal world building project about a mystical forest and the secrets that can be found within.

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